How To Prepare for your Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

Bad hair days and smudged makeup happen, but they shouldn’t happen on your wedding day.  That’s why hair and makeup trials are so important. These practice runs make sure you’ll look exactly as you imagine when the big day comes. To make sure those trials are worth your while, here are tips so you can prepare for the best possible pampering experience!

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Buy your dress first. If you haven’t already picked out a wedding gown, stop right there. Your dress will dramatically affect the style you choose for your hair and makeup. A ballerina bun would look a little off with a boho-inspired dress and a stunning backless dress might call for an updo instead of cascading curls. (Be sure to bring a photo of your dress)

 Know what you want: Of course, we are here as beauty specialists to give you ideas and expert opinions when it comes to giving you that perfect look, but having an idea of what you’re looking for and not looking for is helpful.

Go clean and product free.  Wash your hair the night before (so it has time to regain its natural oils) and don’t put any product. You want your hair to be as natural as possible.

For makeup continue your typical skin-care routine.  Exfoliate to slough off any dead dry skin and moisturize. A clean face will hold makeup better and make for a more flawless application.

Bring Photos. If you like elements of a couple different hairstyles or makeup looks, bring photos of all of them, so your stylist can use them to build a customized version.

Speak up. Don’t like something? Say something! That’s the whole purpose of a trial, we want to please! Don’t be shy.