Victoria Secret for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s day is approaching and it’s the time to look good! Sometimes it is hard to create the perfect “Victoria Secret” hair. To learn how to achieve big, bouncy, voluminous curls at home keep reading!

Step one-

Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. We love Biolage Volume Bloom ($21.15)


Step two-

Prep your hair damp hair with something that will give it hold and body. We love two Amika products for doing just that! Amika Brooklyn Blowout ($32) is an excellent blow dry spray to help with volume, smoothness, and an easier blow out. They also have a great mousse Plus Size ($31.50) which is great for giving amazing volume to the hair.


Step three-

Blow dry! Sometimes it is hard to round brush your own hair to achieve the volume we all need. Our best suggestion is to flip your head upside down and blowdry your hair that way. It will help lift the roots and give you volume. Use a brush to blow dry the ends to keep them smooth.


Step four-

Once your hair is dried, section off your hair. Starting with the bottom section spray a heat protector before you use hot tools on each section (AG Firewall $29). Curl one inch thick sections and rotate them so your first strand you curl away from your face, the next you curl toward. This will create some more movement. After each curl let it cool in your hand right out of the barrel. This will allow the curl to hold its shape a bit better and won’t fall out too quickly. You can also pin your curls to create even more volume and hold. If you find it too challenging to pin your entire head you can pin the top section and near your crown. This will allow for maximum volume. To pin your curls all you’ll need is a few flat clips. Curl your section of hair and release it into your hand in the shape it is wrapped around the iron. Sliding the clip in at the stem of the curl so the clip won’t leave any visible marks. Add hairspray* and allow the curls to cool, once you unclip them they will be very voluminous.


Step five-

Once your entire head is curled and cooled spray hairspray (High Amplify $24.95) to help hold the curl. Next flip your hair upside down and starting at the root rub and break up the curls. You can brush them out if your hair holds curl really well. If you’re looking for more volume use a volume powder at the root (Amika Vandal 31.50), shaking it onto your hand and rubbing it into the roots to create more volume. You can even backcomb the crown to give it that extra oomph


Step six-

Spray again with a finishing spray (Kevin Murphy Doo Over $31) to keep everything in place. Enjoy your Valentine’s day!