Our Stylists are Hair Experts

Hair disaster? Worried about how to fix it? Fret no more! The stylists at Studio 237 have the skills to fix even the worst hair disasters. Ask Michelle about her client who came in with a hair disaster made from a mix of browns, reds and bleach blond patches, or Rebecca’s client who came in with a mess of red hair and left with brown. No matter what happened to your hair our stylists have the skills to fix it and leave your hair looking beautiful and polished.

Michelle’s Fix

Michelle’s client came in after an attempted dye job with a friend. Her hair was a mess of reds, browns and blond patches. Her intention was for a brown on top, blond on bottom look BUT she had red in her hair for years. Michelle transformed this client’s hair using Matrix Color Sync and Light Master to achieve overall colour correction. She gave the client an even neutral finish and added a few highlights. She then gave the client a cut that added some shape for a gorgeous finish.

Rebecca’s Fix

Red is one of the hardest colours to “pull” out of your hair and sometimes it can take several stages depending how light you want your new colour to be. Rebecca’s client came in with bright red hair and wanted a change. Rebecca was able to give her client a completely new look by removing the red using Matrix SOCOLOR CULT color eraser. She then dyed her hair and finished with a cut and style for a beautiful new look.

No matter what hair disaster has entered your life – a bad cut, a dye mistake – our stylists have the skills to fix it. Don’t wait! Come in and talk to one of our stylists today.