Studio 237’s Very Own Make Up Line

Did you know? Here at the Studio, we carry our very own full cosmetics line!
This fun line is loaded with all the products you need for that flawless holiday look!
Lips, cheeks, eyes, foundation…we have it all!

Lipstick Lovers, we have a large variety of long wear lipsticks, with tons of textures, creamy, smooth, pearlized, high gloss, and super soft matte. With tons of colors to choose from, we’d love to help you pick out that perfect everyday shade or that edgy lip color for a night out.

We all should be able to appreciate a nice rosy cheek, whether we are going for a soft natural look or something with a little more pop. Blushes and highlighters are soooo essential!  Adding dimension and a little color to brighten up the face does wonders. If you feel your cheeks are naturally already flushed you can stick to just highlighting, this creates a soft-focused affect and brings a youthful glow.

Our blushes are triple milled fine powders, highly pigmented and super lightweight. Be in the spotlight and add some dew to the top of your cheekbones after blush is applied and voila! It can also be used as an illuminator anywhere on the face, body, or eyes!

When it com237 Make Up es to eyes we all know there is so many different avenues to take. Let us help you choose a couple ideal eyeshadow shades that’ll give beautiful results and depth to your eyes. Whether you are baby doll blue, seafoam green, or root beer candy brown we’ve got you covered. Our eye shadows are highly pigmented and the cool thing about them is that they can also be used wet as an eyeliner. Just wet your brush and you now have a multi-functional product.

Selecting the right foundation can be quite a stressful beauty puzzle, but fear not, we are here to help you. The sole reason for wearing foundation is to even our skin tone and texture and we have a few different options to chose from. One of our very popular foundations is our Hi-def liquid foundation with medium to full coverage and an anti-aging formula which contains collagen to plump and help with puffiness. Who doesn’t want that? If you’re more of a sheer coverage fan we also have a  NEW BB cream which is 100% amazing, hydrating, protecting and gives your skin a subtle glow.

We’d love to introduce you to this fabulous makeup line, which is made in Canada, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, allergy tested and non-comedogenic.