Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs and Rumors About New 360-Degree Camera

Samsung is adding the new 360-degree camera and want t launch the same with the Galaxy S8 in next year. There is a new report has been made by the Sammobile says that the Samsung is currently working on the Gear 360 Pro and this camera is the 360 degree camera which will release this year. Its really amazing that the company has releasing the camera with the Galaxy S8.  The phone and camera will be launched at the February or April of 2017.

This is the best feature offered ever by Samsung series. According to the Weibo Tipster, Samsung Galaxy S8 will have the feature of 13-megapixel rear camera along with another 12-megapixel shooter on the back. So, this trend will be continued for the upcoming series of Samsung.

Samsung has said the launch event of grade 360-degeree camera which is Gear 360 launch event will takes place I the Barcelona Mobile World Congress in this year. You might know that this camera has to be released alongside with Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge but due to some circumstances it has been released now.

You may know that Gear 360 Pro will be launching next year and Samsung is going to have the more success than what it had in Gear 360. So, here we have made the report according to the leak news.

There will be a slight improvement needed in image and video quality of the feature then it will be done. It’s not official news but it’s the expectation. You might know that the Samsung is also working on the Gear 360 manager app for the Ios because they want to add the ios support to 360-degree cameras. So, it can be releases at anytime soon.

Samsung currently has the beta-testing to test the gear Manager app for iPhone which will also adds to the ios to support the Samsung’s smartphones and fitness trackers. Samsung company is also wants to increase the support to its Gear 360 camera too.

Now we are waiting for the best and most expected phone from Samsung that is Samsung Galaxy S8. There are lots of rumors were spreading about this android phone. Actually there are leaking new about this android phone. There is a excellent rumor is spreading around that Galaxy 8 is going to have stylus pen in the feature list. It’s quite interesting and now you can take the look at the features of this phone.

You might know that S pen stylus has been more popular specification in Galaxy Note series and there is no change in upcoming series of mobile. The popular website shows that the upcoming flagship is going to have the S pen as a feature. Now there is a rumor that the Samsung is planning t release their ‘Galaxy S8 Plus’ with extra features. It is going to have 6-inch display, which makes the perfect use for S Pen and it will be comfortable too.