Introduction of new tools for chatbot developers by Facebook!

The Facebook Company Is all gearing up to add on more and more features, trying to attract the users and continue them using Facebook. The Facebook is one of the most popular social messaging apps used worldwide. Now, the company is on the verge of an introduction of new features related to the messenger platform by which the users can get to develop and create more of the powerful and engaging chatbot. The messenger has also got new features added recently and the users are very much addicted to using the messenger.

Most significant change – Facebook:

The users can now get the new 1.4 version of the Messenger platform to download on their devices. Talking about the most significant change, the Facebook company has focused on giving the developers a chance of hiding the compose window option permanently. click to find out more This indirectly helps the developers to avoid and not get interpreted again and again with all the natural language strings as input and can also relay on the other side. This new feature of Facebook can manually allow the bots making it appear more in the traditional applications form and there is no need for any chat functionality to be placed or built in such matter.

The new features of Facebook also allow the shared contents within bots which can now get the customized images, buttons and messages. The new add-on the feature can be compared to the preview of an app that lets the appearing while sharing the video or URL via instant messenger client. In short, no the shared content can be easily customized by the developers and can also make the chatbot information spreading it to the people. Not only this, the developers can also use the button in their own user interface to get the trig of the shared content. The users can now easily get the Messenger Platform 1.4 version from the developer page for Facebook Messenger a start using the new add-on features. The Company very shortly will come up with more new add-on features. Stay tuned for more updates.