You may have found out about Glambot, either through Youtube, internet-based life or just while perusing the web. Glambot is a moderately new site where you can purchase and offer your utilized/unused cosmetics (and soon skincare). What’s speaking to purchasers is that glambot offers marked down cosmetics from brilliant brands like Too Faced, NARS, Mac, Benefit, Lancome, Tarte, Chanel thus some more. Glambot will likewise purchase your utilized cosmetics and offer you a sum after you’ve sent your items in.

This post is about my experience purchasing from Glambot with the glambot coupons incorporates my first couple buys from their site. I’m likewise going to go into a few things to know about when obtaining utilized cosmetics from Glambot.

Request #1:

For my first Glambot buy, I went genuinely little and acquired two items – each between 80% to 100% full (100% being essentially new). Here’s the breakdown, alongside the aggregate for my request:

  • Giorgio Face and Cheek Duo Palette – Condition: Good Fill: 100% Price:$25.94
  • Tarte Complexion Brightening Lipstick Fair-To-Light – Condition: Good Fill: 80% Price: $10.66
  • (Reward thing) Deluxe Sample of Bobbi Brown Blush – Condition: Good Fill: 80% Price: $0
  • Great aggregate: $36.60

By and large, I was content with practically every part of my first request, anticipate that when it came will the transportation time. It wound up taking 2 and 1/2 weeks for my bundle to get conveyed, and never got an email advising me of a deferral. These days, seeing your bundle deliver out 11 days after you’ve put in a request makes it feel like they disregarded you for some time there.

When I got my items via the post office, everything was bundled together in a super tight heap of paper and air pocket wrap, to the point where nothing could have gotten harmed amid transport. They did exclude a receipt, which I thought was surprising. I was entirely bit befuddled concerning why I got the Bobbi Brown redden, and I didn’t have anything to reference to check whether it was a slip-up. In any case, I later found that Glambot does regularly send a little reward with each request.

Also, now to the items. The Giorgio Armani Face and Cheek Duo Palette looked pristine (i.e. 100% full), as they expressed on the site. The lipstick looked nearly shiny new after Glambot ‘tidied it up’ – I’d say it showed up in regards to 85-90% utilized, additionally as portrayed on their site. So in addition to one for precision!

Request #2:

My second request from Glambot really went a tad smoother. I got my bundle after just about seven days. Everything was safely bundled and precisely as portrayed on the site, as far as the ‘fill’ sum. Still no receipt, however (it would be pleasant just to reference, and appears to be somewhat amateurish of them not to incorporate it).

So this is what my request and aggregate turned out to:

  • Macintosh Eyeshadow Duo Dynamic Duo 3 – Condition: Good Fill: 80% Price: $24.30
  • NARS Blush Exhibit A – Condition: Good Fill: 80% Price: $27.00
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation – Condition: Good Fill: 80% Price: $32.40
  • (Reward thing) Mini Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick – Condition: Good Fill: 100% Price: $0
  • Amazing aggregate: $80.46 – $24.30 (BOGO deal, so the MAC eyeshadow couple was free)
  • Last Total: $56.16

Above, you can see the defensive covers that they put over the items once they’ve been disinfected. It additionally enables the items from spilling everywhere as they to experience the transportation procedure.

By and large, I was extremely content with my second request, and couldn’t trust the little sum I paid for three full-size items from MAC, NARS, and Tarte (my top picks!). Only for correlation, the Tarte powder establishment retails for $36 and the NARS become flushed retails for $30. Considering they both appear to be around 90% full, I’d state their esteem is still near their the maximum, possibly less 10% to mirror the measure of item utilized. With the goal that’s $59.40. The two MAC eyeshadows retail at around $10 each (in the event that you pass by the expense of a container refill). With the goal that’s another $20, in addition to the reward lipstick (a $3-5 esteem?). On the off chance that you put it all together, at last, I’d state I got $80 worth of items for just $56. Not awful!