Flash Your Lashes After Lash Extensions!

Tired of curling your lashes and applying endless amounts of mascara every morning? You’ve seen beautiful, long, lashes and want to know how to get them? Well, we have a solution for you! Lash extensions!! From natural looking lashes to something a little dramatic, here at Studio 237, we’ve got it all. We offer eyelash extension services to suit your every need.

Eyelash extensions are single, fake eyelashes that are glued to your natural lash individually. Extensions add length, fullness and thickness to your natural eyelash. Therefore, they fall out when your natural lash falls. We offer a selection of lashes for you to choose from. Your technician will help you pick the most suitable lashes for you based on your natural look.


If you’ve never had lash extensions before you’ll need an initial appointment. At this appointment you will meet with one of our estheticians who will consult with you before the service and answer any questions you have. You will also need to fill out a consultation form. Once the consult is complete, you’ll head to our lash bed, lie back and close your eyes while the technician cleans your lashes, removing any leftover makeup before applying the extensions. You will find the process very relaxing, with calm music playing in the background, you may even fall asleep! Your initial appointment can take up to 1-2 hours.

NOTE: It is very important that you have no makeup on before your appointment, if you have mascara on the extensions won’t stick to your natural lashes.
AFTER leaving your appointment, it’s crucial that you DO NOT touch your lashes or get them wet for 48 hours, as it could ruin the application.

FOLLOW UP: If you take care of your lashes they can last up to 5-6 weeks but they will eventually fall out, prompting you to book a fill appointment. Clients usually come back every 3 weeks for a lash fill to touch up the lashes and make them full again.


Our estheticians recommend you clean your lashes daily. This is done by brushing your lashes each morning and night with a special eyelash comb (this will be given to you at your initial appointment). It’s also recommended that you do not use any oil based products around your eyes. If oil touches your lashes it can loosen the glue and they can fall out easily. Anya, one of our top estheticians, suggests using EAU MICELLAIRE EXPRESS makeup remover by Payot.

SO come in to our spa, lie back and close your eyes while you beautify your lashes and leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and refined with gorgeous eyes! Book your appointment today! Click here.
*Our prices for a full set of lashes is $126.50 and our fills cost $66.

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