CelebLuxury Introduces Temporary Hair Colour with Bonus Bond Fix!

We’re so excited to share this new fabulous temporary hair colour product from CelebLuxury – Viral Conditioner with Bond Fix! This is a great product that you can use as a conditioner, treatment, gloss, and add a pop of colour! If you’ve tried GemLites shampoo (see the previous post on GemLites here) you will love their conditioner!

If you’re interested in changing up your hair this winter you’ll love this product, it’s super easy to use. Simply apply to wet hair in the shower and leave on for 2-3 minutes for regular conditioning. If you’re using as a treatment we recommend applying 20 minutes on damp hair before showering to allow product to penetrate. It’ll transform your blonde pieces into a gorgeous fun temporary colour. The Viral Conditioner comes in six fun colours – coral, rose gold, purple, red, lilac, and magenta. It is a semi-permanent way to colour your hair and will be brighter and bolder with more use. Did we mention they smell absolutely incredible?

So…what is the Bond Fix? Bond rebuilds hydrogen, ionic, and disulfide bonds within the structure of your hair. A true miracle worker! This is perfect if you regularly colour, use heat tools or use bleach on your hair. It will help make your hair stronger and more vibrant.

Ask your stylist for more information or colour recommendations if you’re looking for a fresh temporary change this winter with the bonus of a Bond Fix.