Victoria Secret for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s day is approaching and it’s the time to look good! Sometimes it is hard to create the perfect “Victoria Secret” hair. To learn how to achieve big, bouncy, voluminous curls at home keep reading!

Date Night Makeup

Trying to decide what to do for your date night makeup? Do you want something more neutral and smokey? Our estheticians at Studio 237 are here to give you the rundown of how to achieve the perfect date night makeup!

All About Permanent Makeup

Are you tired of doing your makeup every morning? Spending more time and money than you’d like to on applying and buying different products? Here at Studio 237 we are offering a service that will change your life! Permanent makeup! If you’ve never heard about it or the idea of permanent makeup makes you nervous, have no fear, we’re here to answer all of your questions!

Easy Blood Drips For Halloween

The air is getting colder and the nights are getting longer. Halloween is slowly coming upon us, so why not add a little bit of spookiness to your manicure? Our estheticians have come up with a step-by-step way for you to achieve the perfect blood drip nails at home.

How to Keep Your Feet Moisturized for the Winter

From being at the beach all day to bundling up for the colder weather, our skin doesn’t know how to react! Cooler weather tends to dry out our skin, and nothing is worse than having a nice pedicure done but your feet aren’t up to par. Here at Studio 237 we have a few tips for you to use this fall to keep your feet looking their best.

Going Red this Fall

The leaves are changing and now is the perfect time to change our hair too! Reds are the perfect colour for fall and there are so many different shades to choose from. If you’re already red and you want your colour freshened up, here are some of our favourite red formulated shampoos, conditioners, and enhancing treatments that you can try at home!

Kids Cuts for Back to School

If you’re a parent chances are you’re counting down the days until school starts, but with the relief of back to school comes the chaos of making lunches, and getting kids dressed, fed and ready for their day – and don’t forget hair… The perfect haircut for your child could save you time in the morning. Here are some cool kids cuts our clients chose this fall!   Kids Cuts – Girls Save time in the morning styling your kids hair with a short style like this cute pixie cut. Add a dash of colour for “flavour” or if you can’t decide on one colour, our stylists have the skills to add as many as you want!!   This young …

Survive this Summers Heatwave With These Short Styles

The summer is in full swing and with the continuous heat wave we’ve been experiencing maybe you’re thinking about changing your long locks up for a shorter cooler style. Or maybe you just want to freshen up your current short style. Short hair is also a great style for the elite business woman or moms who just don’t have time to spend styling their hair daily. Here are some styles to think about when contemplating your short hair this summer! The Classic “Bob” This classic short hairstyle has been around for decades. It is a simple, short style with straight lines and easy manageability. The classic “bob” can be worn straight or curly and will never go out of style. …

Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer is everyone’s favourite season. It brings sunny days, warm weather, beach trips, biking and many other outdoor activities. The sun’s natural UV rays can be damaging to your hair. Here are some ways you can protect your hair throughout this heat wave and all summer long. Everyday Care We all love the summer heat but it’s hard on your hair. This summer, protect your hair daily from the sun’s natural UV rays using Moisture Me Rich shampoo and conditioner from the Total Results product line by Matrix. At the Beach Summer heat brings beach days and we want to protect our hair, especially when it’s exposed to extreme heat and UV light. Add urban moisture spray by shu uemura …

The Keratin Experience

One of the many services we offer at Studio 237 is a smoothing Keratin treatment. Keratin treatments are a growing trend that leave your hair soft, smooth and frizz free. Keratin is a protein that is naturally in your hair. The Keratin treatment locks Keratin in your hair using products and heat. A Keratin treatment can take anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on the length of your hair. The stylist will complete the following steps to achieve a smooth polished look for your hair: TREATMENT STEPS Hair is shampooed with clarifying shampoo, towel dried and pre-treatment spray is applied Treatment is applied next (1/2 inch from the scalp), hair is combed through At this point, there are no bends in …