Bangs: To Cut or Not to Cut? 5 Things to Consider

Have you ever experienced “the itch”? You know that random overwhelming itch to get bangs? Read on for more:

We call that the bang itch. Just when you have finally grown them out. You get the bang itch. 

This feeling is all too familiar.

So, before you make this very important decision here are 5 things the staff at 237 want you to consider:

  1. Bangs are high maintenance, as beautiful as they are, they require work.
  2. They grow fast. Plan on trimming every 2 to 3 weeks.
  3. They’ll get oily fast. Luckily a sink wash is all you need to keep them fresh.
  4. Style: Consider your hair texture – thicker coarser hair suits a heavier more blunt bang, and fine hair suits a more side swept style.
  5. Face shape: Different face shapes suit different bang styles.

When bringing a photo to show your stylist, consider looking for inspiration on celebrities or others that have familiar face shapes as yours.

Always remember, hair grows back, so don’t be afraid of change and try something new!