Avoid Makeup Melt Off This Summer

This summer’s been a hot one!  One of the many obstacles we face in this heat is our makeup melting off! We leave the house and head out into the glorious sun, makeup on fleek and next thing we know it looks like our makeup was never applied! We’ve suggested some of our favourite products and tips to avoid makeup “melt off” this summer or on your next vacation!  

Payot My Payot Brume Eclat  – Our version of a setting spray! This spray refreshens, moisturizes, and protects skin from anti pollution. Apply spray once your makeup is on this will lock it into place. No more sweating off your makeup! Can also be used before makeup application and on a bare face.

BB CreamTinted Moisturizer – Wearing a full face of foundation in the summer is unbearable, so try using a BB Cream instead! This B.B. Cream offers light coverage leaving skin feeling and looking natural. Perfect if you can’t go foundation free in the summer. It also makes for a great base for the rest of your makeup on.

Concealer237 Touch up Veil – 237 concealer gives coverage for any imperfections (acne, redness, dark circles, pigmentation marks). This concealer can be used alone or with 237 B.B. Cream or powder.

Tip: If you don’t feel like doing a full face, apply where you feel like you need it most (instead of a foundation).

Powder237 Mineral Mattifier – Lock your final look into place with mattifying powder. Apply this powder by itself to help even out your skin tone and reduce shine. Or use this mattifying powder to set your tinted moisturizer of concealer.                    

Tip: Pop your powder in your purse if you’re going out for the day to touch up any shine    

Lipstick – Summer is the perfect time to add a pop of colour or to try something you normally wouldn’t. Here are our favourite lipsticks for each skin tone!

Fair skin: Love Lust (high gloss finish)

Medium skin: Flower Girl, See Thru (both high gloss finishes)

Deep skin: Oh-La-La (high gloss finish)

We’ve got you covered no matter what your occasion this summer, wedding, girls night out, day at the beach, concert – the list goes on – so come in and check out our makeup line and let us help you beat summer makeup melt off!