All About Permanent Makeup

Are you tired of doing your makeup every morning? Spending more time and money than you’d like to on applying and buying different products? Here at Studio 237 we are offering a service that will change your life! Permanent makeup! If you’ve never heard about it or the idea of permanent makeup makes you nervous, have no fear, we’re here to answer all of your questions!

What is Permanent makeup and do I need it?

Permanent makeup is done with a needle and it can be done as eyebrows, lips, and eyelash enhancements. It helps with enhancing the natural color of your lips, or perfecting the shape of your eyebrows so you’ll never have to fill them in again. As eyeliner it helps enhance your lash line to make your lashes look fuller. Some of the benefits of having permanent makeup is it saves you time on your morning routine, saves you money from purchasing more makeup products, and will always give you a natural look.

What happens after the appointment?

After the appointment you may experience some redness and tenderness in the affected area. The colour will appear darker but don’t worry because within the next few days the colour will fade into the original shade. During the healing process the skin will scab, but don’t panic because that is all apart of the healing process. During the first 10 days do not apply makeup or skincare products to the affected area, Anya will give you a healing ointment that you should use daily.  


Touch Up Appointments

Six weeks after your initial appointment you must book a touch up appointment which will help refresh the colour. After your touch up appointment the colour will last for 2 years. In two years time the colour will still be there, but faded, and you can book a touch up appointment to help refresh the colour.


What to do if you get an irritation?

The only mild irritation you may get is swelling or tenderness by the affected area but it will go away as it heals. If you follow Anya’s instructions there will be no irritations during the healing time.


Let’s talk about prices

For lips and eyebrows the first appointment is $400 and the touch up is $200. The eyeliner is $200. That’s a lot of money, why make the investment? You won’t need to wear makeup everyday! If you always feel rushed in the morning or can’t be bothered this will be a lifesaver for you. It will provide you with better shape, thickness, and colour. It is a one time investment that will last you years! For a consultation with Anya call the Studio to book your appointment. 



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