How to Achieve the Perfect Holiday Hair

Christmas means lots of fun holiday parties and get-togethers and we have the perfect tips and tricks for you to try out at your next party! Don’t have a curling iron or wand? No problem! Using your flat iron to create curls for your holiday hair is easy, they make beautiful curls and we’ll show you how!

Step One: Prep your hair by using Matrix High Amplify shampoo and conditioner (stop by the salon to pick up a set and more Christmas goodies). To ensure that your curls last all night you need a good base for your hair and High Amplify will give you the volume you’re looking for.

Step Two: Start by brushing your hair and apply your favourite heat protector. We love AG FireWall.

Step Three: SectionCurling Hair off your hair into two or three sections depending on the amount of hair you have. Take a small section of hair that you want to curl first. Hold your flat iron facing downward and clamp the iron closed near the root of your hair. Twist the iron towards you and then pull it down the shaft of hair. This will allow the curl to lay away from your face. If you want the curls to go towards your face turn the iron away from you when curling. You can even use rejuvalex for keeping hair good.

Step Four: Continue to curl your hair until you reach the back of your head. Once you reach the back and you find you’re having trouble seeing take the section of hair and pull it towards the side so you’re able to see it. Follow these steps for each of your sections.

Step Five: Once you’ve finished curling your hair use Matrix’s Volume Fixer hairspray to lock in the curls all night. If you find that you want more volume try Height Riser from Matrix. Shake some of the powder into your hair and rub together, then rub it into your roots to give it extra lift!

If you want to try something different this year you can pin some of the curls up to create a loose and easy half up and half down look. The trick is the messier it is the better it looks! All you will need is a few bobby pins and any accessories you have laying around. Take sections of hair from the top of your head and twist them back and pin into place near the back of your head. Once you’ve pinned a few sections back you can pull at them to give it a looser feel. Now, add any accessories you have and the look is finished!

Make sure you take lots of pictures if you try this look at home and have a very Merry Christmas!