5 Tricks for your Worst Hair Days

In a rush? Hit the snooze button? One maybe four times?

Read on for more:

Don’t worry. We have 5 tricks to fix your worst hair days: 

  1. Braid it out. Braids look better in dirty hair, so go ahead and forget shampoo for a few days and throw your hair into a braid.
  2. Dry shampoo is your friend. If you woke up and it seems someone dumped olive oil on your roots, dry shampoo is your new best friend. Spray lightly on roots let sit, then brush out. It’ll absorb the oil and leave it smelling and feeling fresh. We love Kevin Murphy’s DOO.OVER spray
  3. Uncooperative bangs. Embrace accessories and use a few bobby pins to twist your bangs back or slick into a ponytail. 
  4. Flat hair.  You can quickly add volume with products such as Matrix Height Riser Volumizing Powder. Check out this video by beauty blogger Malina Radu for application demo. 
  5. Top knots. Practice makes perfect, simply gather hair, tie and go! (Some great tutorials here.

If all else fails, come and see one of the stylists at 237. We happen to specialize in bad hair day recovery.